bicycle insurance

The Cycling Australia bicycle insurance policy is created specifically for cyclists, whether you are commuting, racing or just riding for fun. It includes cover for theft of your bicycle, crashing your bicycle (even whilst racing) and accidental damage. You also have the option to extend this your policy free of charge to cover your bike if you are travelling overseas.

Keep in mind that even if you have contents insurance, there is every chance your bicycle may not be sufficiently covered. Very few home contents policies cover bicycles for in use damage and most have very low cover limits.


travel insurance

Cycling Australia Travel Insurance provides a cost effective comprehensive range of benefits for Cycling Australia supporters who are simply taking a well-earned holiday (to Bali for example), or planning the cycling trip of a lifetime. With this policy you can be sure that if you ride a bike during your travels, you are covered.

There is even an optional extension if you plan to race your bike (triathlons included) as an amateur on your journey which is a very unique benefit.